Liste du matériel utilisé le plus fréquemment

Blue Bottle 
Brauner AE 
DPA/ B&K 4009/ 130 V
Groove Tubes GT40/ C3 
FLEA  -  various models on request (47, 49, 50 and others)
MXL 603 S 
Neumann   -  various models on request (M149, M150 and others)
Schoeps CMC5/ MK4
SE Electronics 4400 

Microphone Amplifiers
Millenia HV-3D 8ch/130 V, DPA – HMA 5000 /130 V, Sonosax SX – M2, Symetrix SX202

A/D/A Converters
Mytek 8/192/DSD, Benchmark DAC1

Manley Massive Passive Stereo Mastering Equalizer
TC Electronics Finalizer 96K Studio Mastering Processor
TC Electronics M3000 Stereo Reverb Processor

Pyramix Virtual Studio by Merging Technologies with AES and MADI interfaces
Pro Tools – Digidesign/ Mac based, secondary system
Nagra VI Digital Recorder

Silver Sonic Revelation, Van Damme SP/OFC classic quad series, Mogami Quad, Mogami Digital 110 Ohms, Supra LoRad, Kimber Cable 8VS, PIO Pure Silver Reference Series (massive 99.99% silver, hand made cables) and other.

Neutrik Silver and Gold Series XLR, Supra Silver and Gold XLR, Bulcon Silver RCA, LOK Silver and Rhodium RCA

Monitoring system

Power Amplifier
Thel Accusound 101 Pro/ PIO design Master Reference Series Power Amplifier

Custom build stereo amplifier with 60 kg of state of the art electronics. Two (four when balanced) x 290 W / SIN on 8 Ohms, dual mono fully balanced power circuits, softstart filters with integrated service log,
custom-built dual toroidal transformers, two independent power supplies of 1,600 W, 160,000 μF power
capacitor bank of Siemens Cerafine Capacitors, internal wire connection of massive 99.99% silver, Vishay non magnetic resistors with 0.1 % precision , Elna Gold Rotary Precision Switches, 20 (40 when balanced) high current bipolar output transistors on the Acussound 101 Pro ampllifier board by Thel Electronics, modified with Mcap Suppreme Capacitors.

Scan Speak/ PIO design Mastering Reference Series Monitors

Custom build three-way twin-tower studio monitors of 150 kg each with precision custom designed bass and middle towers by PIO. Eight customized, extensively modified Danish drive units by Scan Speak, two pull-pull double-magnet bass driver system for maximum force and precision, symmetrical vertical driver array for ideal point source presentation, hand-adjusted passive mid/high crossover network, separate crossover network for each channel isolated in the middle tower, crossover components by Mundorf, Mcap Suppreme, signal connection of massive 99.99% silver. Pure wool and synthetic interior damping materials, fibreglass, concrete, MDF, massive aluminium, epoxy, teflon and silicon materials has been used to eliminate resonances and to reinforce the box solidity.

Sennheiser HD 25, HD 650, Denon AH-D2000

Power Supply
LC Audio Master Series, Custom build:
3 x 10A/ 220 AC filtered
1 x 220V/ AC non filtered
Balanced Power Supply, Custom build:
2 x JG Trafos 200 VA/ 1,74 A, 2 x 115 VDC
1 x Marnik Trafo 2’500 VA/ 20 A, 2 x 115 VDC