about George Vassilev
The sound is my everlasting passion and one of the most powerful sources of joy and fulfillment in life.

I have always been very fascinated by sounds and I’ve have always been probing to explore its many aspects - harmonics structure, intensity, resonance, colour, timbre - initially with my instrument, the guitar, later with microphones, recording machines, loudspeakers etc.

I was fortunate to grow up in the “analog” era and the golden age of Hi-Fi when quality and beauty of sound was a cult. My studies in music and later my artistic career allowed me to acquire a profound and wide understanding of sound.

After completing my studies in guitar virtuosity (Master’s degree at the Geneva Conservatory) I trained as a choral director and also studied sound recording and musical computer technologies at the same institution. But my curiosity has also led me to listen, test and compare different types of recording equipment. This interest made me spend lots of time in sound studios giving me good opportunity to learn from highly respected professionals. Gradually, in the course of the last twenty years, this passion has become my second professional activity.

A turning point for me was meeting Jean-Claude Gaberel (www.jcgaberel.ch), a unique creator, who became my professional partner and friend. His immense expertise in sound production - over 30 years of experience with 1300 CD’s recorded for Sony, Philips, Astree - and his visionary, pioneering and innovative life-force has become not only a great source of inspiration for me, but also a key motivation in the process of my spiritual evolution, discovery and perfection.

I have had the pleasure to collaborate closely with him on number of important projects in past years.
The creative energy, which I have experienced in our “duo”, the long hours of research and experimental tests, together with the many recording sessions, has opened new dimensions and potential in me, both as a musician and as a sound engineer. Our shared passion and devotion to working with the sound as well as the drive for perfection became the foundation of great collaboration and the source of our friendship.

Today, more than ever, the sound is an omnipresent and vital element of my life. I feel happy and fortunate to be on both sides of the fence - as a musician with an intense international career as a soloist and chamber musician, as well as a sound engineer. I treasure every concert, record or CD production as a new opportunity for further exploration, listening, and expansion of my knowledge and experience.

In our days, the audio industry and new technologies are in constant and fast evolution, standards and machines are changing, quality and hardware evolves… However, staying focused on the development and continuously using and updating the equipment to the highest quality level serves me to achieve one crucial goal - to be able to convey emotion in music. In this process, the technology and professional skills of the sound engineer are precious tools, but the real driving force in achieving the best possible artistic result is his creativity and imagination.

George Vassilev